Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Owl Effect

I have been working on my - first ever - Evening wear garment this semester and my inspiration is the Barred Owl. What fascinated me the most about the owl, was it's feathers. I wanted to incorporate the fluffiness and the unzipped texture of it using chiffon material.
This is the texture I made. It has frayed raw edges to show the fluffiness and the colors chosen are from the moodboard. I'll post the moodboard and the garment photoshoot once I'm done.

Design Analysis, Details and Source
Fabric used
Base: Raw Silk
Texture: Chiffon (synthetic and pure)
Color: Brown tones


  1. love this, you made it yourself? do a DIY!

    kisses, following you!
    love your blog, visit mine if you want!

  2. Thanks, I really appreciate it :)
    Like you're blog too, specially the title,very original
    It's a very beautiful work, I love it :)
    I'm following you